• Country Editor                August 20, 2019               "Lawman on Horse"
  • Country Editor                    July 02, 2019                   "Mum's The Word"
  • Country Editor              February 26, 2019       "Battle of Bunker Hill"
  • Country Editor               August 18, 2018               "Man Socks Rooster"
  • Country Editor          November 11, 2018         "Farewell to the Riverkeeper"
  • Country Editor           November 02, 2018             "Forever Young"
  • Country Folks East        June 29, 2018                    "Medal in a Draw"
  • Country Folks East        May 28,2018                "Chicken Soup For Autism"
  • Country Folks East   April 30, 2018  "Roger's Colossus:A Symbol of Change"
  • Country Folks East       January 23, 2018                 "Turkey Fishing"
  • Country Editor          December 26, 2017     "Brussel Sprouts and Billy Joel"
  • Country Editor             November 21, 2017     "Farewell to The River Keeper"
  • Valley Pennysaver      December 27, 2016      "Bullets and Buckwheat Flies"
  • Valley Pennysaver     November 22, 2016      "Bug Bus to San Antonio"
  • Valley Pennysaver     November 11, 2016            "Wayward Wonton"
  • Valley Pennysaver     November 08, 2016       "The Doctor's Daughter"
  • EDITOR----                 March   06, 2015              "Hog-Tied In Tampa"
  • EDITOR----                February 20, 2015            "Pumping Oil" part 2
  • EDITOR----                February 05, 2015            "Pumping Oil"  part 1
  • EDITOR----               January 28, 2015              "Bring Your Own Bag"
  • EDITOR----               January o7, 2015            "Ringing In The New Year"

  • Reading --Jordanville, N.Y. 12/20/14          "Not Far From The Tree"  

  • EDITOR----          December 19, 2014               "Christmas Eviction" 
  • EDITOR----          December 03, 2014               "Father of the Man"
  • EDITOR----          November 24, 2014       "Too Stuck Up For Thanksgiving"
  • Country Editor--       June 06, 2014                   "A Sky View of Dad"
  • Country Folks               May 05, 2014                  "Made In The Shade"  
  • Country Folks              April 08,2014                   "Battling Burdock"

  • Reading  Jordanville, N.Y.  03/19/2014          "Bunnies Don't Crow"

  • Country Folks---         March 04, 2014           "With A Slice of The Shovel"
  • Country Editor---       February 04, 2014            "Five Easy Pieces"

  • Reading in Jordanville, N.Y. 12/21/13               "Jumping Chicken"

  • Country Folks---       November 26, 2013       "Chickie's Greatest Gift"
  • Country Folks---       November 05,2013              "Egg On Her Face"
  • Country Editor---     October 01, 2013          "Mind Reading Machine"
  • Country Edito---       September 03, 2013        "Pee Wee's In The Stew"
  • Country Editor ---     August 27, 2013                 "Coon In The Coop"
  • Terry  will  be signing and selling copies of the latest edition of Corvette Odyssey -- Search For A Stolen Stingray  at Corvettes at Carlisle, PA. from August 23-25, 2013 row I-35.
  • Auto Restorer---   August 2013            "Replacing A Stolen Vin Tag"
  • Country Editor---July 24,2013                          "Don't Run"
  • Solaris Hill Magazine  in the Key West  Citizen --
  •                               ---  July 21,2013        "Heminway Meets Three Rabbis"
  • Country Editor ---June 5, 2013                "Stolen Stingray Selected"         
  • An excerpt from Corvette Odyssey-Search For A Stolen Stingray will appear  in the April 21, 2013 issue of Old Cars Weekly
  • Terry will be participating in a writer's exhibit at the Richfield Springs Library from March 18 through March 21, 2013.
  • On Saturday, October 27, 2012, in celebration of Fall, Terry will be reading his short story “Golden Delicious” from a collection in progress titled “Hemingway’s Chickens And Other Tales Of A Feather.” The reading will take place in the Social Hall of the Jordanville Federated Church in Jordanville, New York.
  • Terry will be signing and selling copies of Corvette Odyssey at Corvettes at Carlisle, Pennsylvania from August 24-26, 2012 Row I-31.
  • Terry’s short story, "Picking Wild Flowers,” which celebrates Hemingway Days in Key West, Florida, will appear in the Key West Citizen’s Solaris Hill Magazine on July 22, 2012.
  • Corvette Trace, an article that amounts to a distillation of the book Corvette Odyssey will appear in Vette Vues magazine in September 2011.
  • In celebration of Hemingway Days in Key West, Florida, Terry’s story “Imposter In Pamplona,” will appear in the Key West Citizen’s Solaris Hill Magazine on July 17, 2011.
  • Terry will be giving a talk and doing a reading from his book Corvette Odyssey at the Munson Williams Proctor Institute in Utica, New York on July 4th 2011.
  • “Pee Wee Hits The Road,” a short story from Terry’s collection in progress, Hemingway’s "Chickens And Other Tales Of A Feather," will appear in the January 20, 2011 edition of Backyard Poultry Magazine.

Other readings, talks, book signings and radio interviews:

Off The Page interview with Bill Jaker of WSKG Radio an affiliate of NPR
Reading at Barnes & Noble in Utica, New York
Reading at Borders Books in Oneonta, New York
Reading for The NYS Council On The Arts at The Mansion in Oneonta,
New York
Reading at the KGB Bar in Greenwhich Village, New York
Radio interview with Al Malmberg of WCCO Radio in Chicago
Radio interview with Motormouth Radio on Long Island, New York
Radio interview with Pat Goss’s Auto Show in Washington D.C.
Reading at Corvettes at Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Reading for Sacred Octagon MG Automobile Club in Oneonta, New York
Reading at Brooklyn Public Library
Reading at Little Falls Public Library, New York
Reading at Hamilton Public Library, New York
Reading at Richfield Springs Public Library, New York
Reading at West Winfield Public Library, New York