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Terry Berkson grew up on the streets of Brooklyn and in the countryside around the village of Richfield Springs, New York. Favoring a pastoral life he worked on farms, hunted woods, trapped and fished streams and lakes in surrounding Otsego County. His love of fast automobiles often found him in and under ailing rides he could barely afford. After serving a two year stint in the army, which allowed him to do extensive travel in Europe, he attended the City University of New York and earned a Master Of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. He has published works of fact, fiction and photo in New York Magazine, Automobile, The New York Daily News Sunday Magazine, Modern maturity and many more. Berkson's memoir  CORVETTE ODYSSEY HAS RECEIVED GOOD REVIEWS ACROSS THE BOARD. "Highly recommended" says Library Journal. "A meaningful account,"says Publishers Weekly. 

Corvette Odyssey

Search for a Stolen Stingray
 Terry Berkson

     Originally published by The Lyons Press  

  Now updated and republished by the author

Book Description.  It was a car fanatic's nightmare.  While Terry Berkson was visiting his newborn son at the hospital, his '63 Corvette--a gift from his late father--was stolen off the streets of Brooklyn.  Berkson didn't have theft insurance and he couldn't get over the loss...

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Publishers Weekly.  At what point does determination become obsession and then sheer insanity?  Most people would agree that at some point Berkson crosses that line, but their opinion on whether that is a good or bad thing may depend on what they think about old cars.  Berkson tells the story of what happened after his beloved 1963...
Library Journal.   As each page is turned, it becomes harder to put the book down.   With credits in both writing and car-enthusiasts schools, Berkson is well positioned to relate his true story with precision and canny analysis in a way that will appeal broadly.   Highly recommended...
Car and Driver
Somebody stole Terry Berkson's red 1963 Corvette convertible.   To say he was fond of the car doesn't quite do it.   He was so pissed by this outrage he wrote a 208-page book that charts the ugly terrain of what's in store...
The Corvette Story. If owning a 1963 Riverside Red convertible is a car enthusiast's dream, then having it stolen is the ultimate nightmare.   Exactly what happened to Terry Berkson and with the tenacity of a pit bull and against the advice of police...
Brooklyn's Bay News.
  Whether you are a gear-head, car enthusiast, mystery lover, crime-solver or just have a heart, there is something for you in Corvette Odyssey.
Corvette Fever.   So much more to this story than a man's obsession to get back his stolen car...an Excellent book.
Inspiring Story.  
Once in a great while a book comes along that combines a terrific story with one of the fundamental ideas that give meaning to life.   Not simply a story about recovering a piece of property...